Masterchef Vikas Khanna Says “Neeyat Hai Toh Barkat Hai”

Celebrity cook Vikas Khanna said that cooking depends a lot on intention and what lies in the mind of a chef while preparing any dish. Asserting that if the intention is to feedothers good food, also for sure the mess will be succulent and tempting, he set up a analogous taste in the dish prepared by Suvarna Bagul of Maharashtra. 

During the ‘ MasterChef India ’ show, the rivals were asked to prepare Arabic cookeryand Suvarna decided to prepare ‘ Tagine Ghavran Mutton with Zaatar Kulcha ’ which is notorious in Abu Dhabi in the ‘ Black Apron ’ test. still, she kept the taste and formauthentic; she also intermingled with the flavours of Marathi spices. therefore, creating a emulsion of Marathi and Arabic flavour. 

While praising her, Vikas Khanna said “ Neeyat hai toh barkat hai, aapki neeyat hai khilaane ki aur wo neeyat aapke haathon ko barkat deti hai( Where there’s an intention, there’s a blessing. Your intentions are to feed people and that leads to your handsbeing blessed). ” 

To this, the competitor responded “ I was filled with nervous energy that day. I knewthat I didn’t want to go back home and that’s what kept me going in the kitchen. I couldn’t help myself before the judges and the feelings rushed out of me. I can not imagine leaving the MasterChef Kitchen, I still have a long way to go, I can not losestopgap now. ” 

‘ MasterChef India ’ is judged by cookers Ranveer Brar, Garima Arora, and Vikas Khanna.

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