Ranbir Kapoor Shares His Fear That His Daughter Might Not Recognise Him when he Clean Shaven

Bollywood couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt ate their son last time in November and the actor is frequently seen talking about their first baby, Raha Kapoor. lately, he spokeabout his bond with his son and how she’s used to his look with a beard and that’s why he’s spooked that she might not honor him with a clean shaved face. 

He said “ I’ve grown this beard for the movie. Since my son Raha was born, she has only seen me in this look. I do n’t have the fear that my beard will burrow her, but I dosweat that she may not honor me after I shave. ” 

Ranbir Kapoor came on the singing reality show, ‘ Indian Idol 13 ’, to promote his film ‘ Tu Jhoothi Mein Makkar ’ along with hisco-star Shraddha Kapoor. For the actor, his son’s love is most special to him and her smile makes him happy. 
Ranbir Kapoor further added, “ She has this habit of only looking into my eyes while giving me a smile, and I believe that she has not really looked below my eye position. I’m sure she’ll get used to my clean- shaved look as well, but it’ll break my heart if she doesn’t honor me, ” he added. 

As Holi is around the corner, the ‘ Wake Up Sid ‘ actor enjoyed performances by the rivals on the ‘ Holi special ’ occasion of the singing reality show. 

Ayodhya’s Rishi Singh performed with the ‘ Superstar Singer 2 ’ competitor Sayisha Gupta on the popular Holi song ‘ Balam Pichkari ’ from the film ‘ Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani ’ and Ranbir was so impressed with their performance that he joined them on stage and shook his legs along with Rishi and Sayisha. 

After the performance, Ranbir Kapoor flashed back shooting for the song for eight daysand the challenges of completing it. He also praised the rivals for their performance. 

“ I ’m veritably lucky that I’ve my veritably own Holi song in my discography. I supposethe way Rishi and Sayisha performed with all the extemporization sets the perfect Holi party mood. I went back to those days of shooting the movie. I suppose we shot the song for 8 days. It was too sunny, with too numerous hop, and it was veritably delicatebut when you get a good song, you get the energy from within, and you feel like performing it, ” he participated. 

“ In those 8 days of firing, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Kalki, Deepika, and I had a blast. We’d drink bhang( cannabis), hiding from everyone so that no bone gets to know. I’ve numerous fond recollections of this song and I get to relive those recollections because of this awful performance, ” he added while recalling his firing experience for ‘ Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani ’ along with hisco-actors. 

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