Microsoft is testing new text commands for voice access in Windows 11

Two updates have been introduced lately to the Windows 11 system, which provides numerous new features that concentrate on Voice Access, as the company has renewed the help runner for the tool and added some commands. 

And with the voice availability advancements in Build22624.1391, there are three effectsdruggies want to be apprehensive of. The first is the app’s redesigned CommandPrompt help runner, which makes it easier to understand different commands and different classes of commands. 

Not all commands may be included, Microsoft plans to add further in a secondaryfigure, and there are new textbook selection and editing commands. 

Microsoft has revamped the in- app command help runner in Voice Access to make it easier to use and understand, and the hunt bar now allows druggies to snappily findcommands and different orders give further direction. Each command now has a description and exemplifications of its differences, with the end of making it easier to understand and use. 

druggies can pierce the command help runner from Help> Show all commands on the voice access bar or use the “ what can I say ” voice command. 

Please note that the app’s redesigned Help runner in Voice Access may not include all commands and supplemental information may be inaccurate, as Microsoft plans to modernize this in future Builds. druggies who want a comprehensive list of Voice Access commands and fresh information about them can relate Use Voice Access to control PC textbook and author with voice. 

Microsoft also extended Voice Access to support other English cants similar as English- UK; English – India; English – New Zealand; English – Canada and English – Australia. 

When Voice Access is turned on for the first time, druggies will be urged to download a speech model to enable voice data recognition. In the event that the voice of the voice, the speech model doesn’t find a match for your display language, druggies can still choose to do to use the voice access in English – US. 

druggies can always switch to a different language by navigating to Settings> Language on the audio access bar. 

Microsoft has also added some further useful commands to make textbook selectionand editing easier with access to audio. exemplifications include opting a group of textbook in a textbox, applying Bold/ Underline/ Italicize formatting to namedtextbook or last interspersed textbook, removing all whitespace from named textbookor last textbook, deleting all textbook in a textbox and further. 

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