Django » series, a skilful reinterpretation of a twilight western

Between flashbacks, citations and classic stylistic rudiments, the solid and animatedscript 

Django( 1966) by Sergio Corbucci was a reinterpretation of western cinema; Django Unchained Quentin Tarantino’s( 2012) was a rereading of the rereading; Django the series( 2023) written by Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli and directed by Francesca Comenicini are-reading of In this ocean- suchlike construction there was the threat of losing sight of that game of conventions and transgressions, stylistic and moral, similarly declined which are the true substance of the kidney( Sky). 

The series belongs to the kidney of twilight western( full of nightly, dark), but fortunately there’s no deficit of action scenes conflicts, blowups, fortuitousdeliverances. Texas, late 1800s. Django reaches a megacity of shanties planted like support houses on the bottom of a crater New Babylon. He searches for the men who boggled his family, but discovers that his son Sarah survived and is at the scene. She’s now twenty times old and she’s preparing to marry John Ellis( the name of one of the most important television scholars), who’s the author of New Babylon, and is inducedthat her father has abandoned her. 

Between flashbacks, quotations, hasty operations of the law( the western knows no euphemisms), classic styles, including mannish fellowship with a background of misogyny, the characters of the protagonists crop easily Django, marked by a painfulhistory, seeks a kind of redemption in rediscovering maternity, still denied by Sarah, the true promoter of the series, whose strong character is moved by a kind of predestination. Just below, John Ellis, a former slave in hunt of fortune and Lady Elizabeth, ruthless homicide at the head of a religious community in the megacity of Elmsdale and explosively hostile to New Babylon. The periodical meter and the supposedly arbitrary occurrences don’t count a great capability in weaving the story, thanks to a solid and animated script. 

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