For Alan Wurzburger, live tribute: many at Santa Fede Liberata

On stage to finance a talkie film on the missing crooner from Daniele Sepe to Fede’n’Marlen and Dolores Melodia, Brunella Selo, Ciccio Merolla and I Radical Kitsch 
Of Natasha Party 

PerAlan Wurzburger, Neapolitan crooner who failed on February 12th. For Alan Wurzburger who, with that face a bit like this between Pulcinella and Eduardo, and an angry smile of his own, was a great promoter of the social and cultural life of the majorcenter of Naples. Starting from the foundation of the Aret’a palma demesne in porchSanta Maria La Nova and Buco Pertuso( via Paladino). 
In support of the talkie about him — The Tale of an Ignorantwritten and directed by the director Luca Lanzano( produced by Inbilico with the collaboration of the Fausto Rossano Prize – moment from 7 pm a musicale in Santa Fede Liberata( via Domenico Maggiore Pignatelli 2, Naples). 

Live homage 
On stage they alternate Marcello Squillante Ars Nova, Giuseppe di Taranto, Fede’n ’ Marlen, Dolores Melodia, Brunella Selo, Ciccio Merolla, Daniele Sepe, Pierpaolo Iermano, Mario Bracco, Christian Sansalone, Alex Romano, Salvatore Gatto, Lucariello, Capitano, Paolo Petraroli, Valerio Sgarra, The Radical Kitsch. 

The talkie 
The Tale of an Ignorant a talkie about the life and music of John Wurzburger, calledAlan, Neapolitan songster- tunesmith and bluesman. When I met Alan for the first time, the spark for this design struck knowing him, I was struck by his way of life and of prostrating any difficulty with the strength of a twenty- time-old, as well as by his greatliberality in telling himself and being told. Lanzano. 

That dream Aret ’ ‘ in Palma 
Alan Wurzburger – the organizers write – he was numerous effects, in addition to beinga musician he was the proprietor of the major original Aret ’ Palma, which between the end of the nineties and the early 2000s was a point of reference and aggregation for numerous Neapolitan artists and patrons. A place that has marked an period and literalmemory of a megacity that has always been full of artistic raise. The suggestions and atmospheres of that place and of those times are told in the talkie “ Aret ’ Palm’ ” madein those times by the director Andrea Canova who, after times, produces this newbiographical design devoted to the songster- tunesmith together with Ramona Tripodi, with their product company Inbilico. I’m deeply attached to Alan. When I arrived in Naples for the first time, he took me to work in his fabulous bar and, between one break and another, I shot a small talkie Canova says and continues. For me Aret ’ Palm ’ was like a family, and for this reason I wanted to validate those atmospheres and that creative and popular dimension, generally Neapolitan, which made me fall in love with this megacity; now further than ever with Inbilico we feel the urgency to produce this talkie which will bring to light the memoir and music of the Neapolitan songster- tunesmith I’m most fond of. 

In these days so numerous recollections so numerous testaments like a show have toldAlan in a thousand ways Ramona Tripodi Alan was an important person in my life. We all had one stopgap, to finish the film in time for them to see it. Public backing for the film was granted to “ The Tale of an Ignorant ” doubly and not granted doubly due to lack of finances. The mask unfortunately always too short. We were in a race against time. The Fausto Rossano prize has blazoned a crowdfunding to support us in the product and allow us to complete the film. Luca’s work moment further than ever has a value and a charge, to tell the life of this man out of the ordinary. One of those people who cross you leaving a mark. I’m veritably happy to unite in the product of the filmthrough the crowdfunding crusade launched by the Fausto Rossano Award on Produzioni dal Basso, concludes Mark Rossano. 

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