I am afraid and anxious about the what is happening in the Israel

The songster and musician Shlomo Artzi broke his silence in his performance on Thursday in Tel Aviv when he addressed for the first time the legal reform that has beencausing contestation in the nation in recent months. 

Artzi said “ It’s been a week now that I ’ve been hearing from all directions, why do n’t I make my voice heard? And where is my voice? And if I ’m hysterical to make my voiceheard? So first of all I want to say that I ’m hysterical and anxious about what’s passingin Israel, which is changing its face. As for the voice Mine, whether it’s heard or not, well, I ’ll tell you the verity. I ’ve always allowed that my opinions are set up and my studies and my beliefs are set up deep within my songs, that’s what I allowed – that’s what I ’ve been writing for 50 times. And I allowed that’s presumably why you camemoment to hear me. ” 

The songster added “ But we ’re in a situation, and I ’m really upset about what will beto us. First of all, the speed with which it’s passing with the changes, and I ’m hysterical that it’ll take us it’ll take down our identity, who we are, who we were and who we will be. What kind of introductory and humane republic are we fighting for There are sonumerous youthful and old and senior people then. And I ’ll tell you commodity, if it sounds a bit manipulative, I keep talking to myself, that gratuitous abomination dividedthe people of Israel,000 times agone . And we should flash back that. ” 

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