The Seventh the Bach Festival Channel 7

The 7th Bach Festival, which is famed every time on the great musician’s birthday, will be held this time with a musicale 
For children and the whole family and an exhibition that comes especially from Germany. 

The Bach Festival, produced by the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra, returns for the seventh time in March 2023, close to the date of Bach’s birth 338 times agone . 

The jubilee program will include new views on the musician and his surroundings and will give a regard into the life of Sebastian – the man behind the great music, who engaged in constant and extremely different work and whose products have remainedwith us for generations. 

The main musicale will present the work in B minor, which is considered one of the most important workshop of Western music and will be performed with literalinstruments and in a historically informed style under the cane of the captain and bassoonist Peter Whelan( Irish Baroque Orchestra) in a debut performance in Israel together with a host of soloists from Israel and the world. 

Alongside the immortal work, there will be a host of musicales in different styles, as well as a show for children and the whole family, a classical music musicale turns into a circus show, all because of a stage director who interferes as important as he tries to help he confuses the notes, causes confusion among the ushers and the followership, and gets tangled in electrical cables. 

still, when he dusts off the portrayal of Johann Sebastian Bach, suddenly the picturesneezes! This is howMr. Johann Sebastian Bach revealed himself to the followership, while toiling by night on a new masterpiece. 

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