The winner of the 100 thousand shekels was announce

Ten challengers have climbed the Extra Hachigo graduation this season. Two completed the 40 stages the halves Ashad and Kafir Atzmon. Ashad did it in only 27 seconds, two seconds lower than his family. Tonight, in the last qualifying round, Dima Domkov climbed the graduation – but was unfit to break the record and thereforeAshad was culminated for the alternate time in a row as the hashigo champion and returned home with the crazy prize 100 thousand shekels 
The Hashigo Championship ended tonight, with the end of the qualifiers in “ Ninja Israel ”. Ten excellent challengers climbed the redundant graduation this season Gil Marantz, Yishai Kalfon, Yonatan Haran, Netai Hadar, the halves Kafir and Ashad Atzmon, Alon Maron, Or Matlon, girl Sharim and Dima Domkov. The bone who climbed the 40 wayand did it in the shortest time, in just 27 seconds, was Ashad – who was culminated the winner and returned home, for the alternate time in a row, with,000 shekels. 

Domkov was the last this season to climb the graduation, when he faced an nearlyinsolvable task – 40 way in lower than 27 seconds. “ Last time the Hashigo annoyed me a little, I did n’t do too well, ” he recalled, “ this time I came to make a correction and eat it. ” After 18 way Domkov began to get tired, stopped, climbed ten further way – but it wasn’t enough. In doing so, he officially awarded the palm to Ashad who watched him nervously on the side of the track. 

“ What fun, it’s crazy. I feel like we took it together, ” said Ashad Lassie and Rotem after the palm, “ it was supposed to be Kafir’s in the first place, he’s much better than me. I ’m so happy we won it together. ” The palm fests weren’t yet over when Lassie Vertem had another big news hereafter( Sunday, after the news, channel 12) the lastchance final will be held, where those who were on the verge of entering thesemi-finals – but were left out – will contend. Only one of them will win the coveted and surely the last ticket to thesemi-finals. It’s going to be a fast and dramatic end, rightdown to the last second. 

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