Four bankers in Switzerland are suspected of helping Putin deposit 50 million dollars

Four bankers will stand trial in Switzerland this week on dubitation of helping the manknown as “ Vladimir Putin’s portmanteau ” deposit millions of Swiss francs. The execution requests a suspended judgment of seven months for each of them. 

The “ Bahadari Haredim ” website published that the four suspects are elderly directorsat the bank whose identity has not been published, and worked at Gazprombank. They were indicted of ignoring the procedures in fiscal deals and that they didn’t take dueindustriousness to corroborate the identity of the possessors of the finances. It wasblazoned in the Swiss media that it’s about 50 million Swiss francs( about 53 million bones ). 

According to the charge, two accounts were opened at Gazprombank in 2014 with the proprietor linked as Sergei Roldugin, a musician by profession, confidante and friend of the Russian chairman. His part as a “ portmanteau ” for Putin was revealed in 2016 by the Panama Papers, an disquisition published by the Guardian in collaboration with other media outlets. 

According to the claim, the bankers didn’t check whether Roldujin is the real proprietorof the means, or where the plutocrat came from. In the bank documents, onlyRoldojin’s professional exertion as a musician was recorded – “ which makes his powerand involvement questionable ”. 

The banks in Switzerland are obliged to reject business relations if there are dubietiesabout the identity of the depositor. Both accounts were closed in September 2016. Roldojin was the target of US warrants after Russia’s irruption of Ukraine, and he alsofaced warrants in Switzerland. A prophet for Gazprombank refused to note on an ongoing trial, but claimed the bankers ’ presumption of innocence. 

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