Visa to visit to the UAE for GCC residence visa holders

Abu Dhabi – Resident visa holders from GCC countries are issued a 90- day visa that allows them to enter the UAE on a diurnal base. The demand isn’t to stay in the UAE for further than 48 hours at a time or work in the UAE, paid or overdue. Holders of this visa can enter the UAE by land, ocean and air. 

The permit is valid for 90 days from the date of first appearance in the UAE. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Anchorages Security( ICP) has informedthat the visa period can not be extended. This visa is available for those working in advanced positions. Those who come with family members can also bring domesticworkers if demanded. 

Apply through ICP website, UAE Embassy or border check post along with passportdupe, hearthstone visa or identity card of the separate country, insurance policy, snapand AED 550. Truck motorists who deliver goods to different countries can alsomileage this visa. But the operation must also be accompanied by authorization from the authorized center of the separate country. 

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